How much does it cost to build a virtual reality app?

In the contemporary world, virtual reality is no more a mere means of games and entertainment. It has proven its value across multiple industry verticals, including healthcare, education, e-commerce, sports, architecture, military, specialized training, and so on. Apart from the steep initial cost of virtual reality app development, the technology can cut down the need to occupy actual sites and physical travel by recreating virtual spaces.


Over the past few years, prominent players like Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and a few others dominated the future-tech market. The booming market offers a great window of opportunity for the businesses to become the Uber of Virtual Reality with exceptional VR apps.


Why do businesses need VR app development?


The virtual reality technology has the capability to present sounds, smells, and touches in a real-time environment. It is cost-efficient and time-saving. The VR experience helps businesses in –

  • Enhancing their user engagement
  • Better communication with consumers

Today, the VR market is in high demand and catering to a variety of areas.

  • Online Games and Entertainment
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hotel Business
  • Architecture
  • Research and Training
  • Online Stores
  • Education


Initial VR App Development Requirements


Before taking up a VR app development project, service providers usually ask for a few details, which later becomes the basis of the functional specification. While filling the brief, consider the following pointers –

  • Objectives behind developing a VR app
  • Key features
  • Your monetization options
  • The problems you want to address (keeping customers in mind)


How much does a VR app cost?


The different stages of a VR app creation contribute to its development cost.


    • The Vendor You Choose
      A reputed VR development company would charge much higher for their exceptional expertise. It’s better to choose your service provider by analyzing their quality services.


    • Locations of VR App Developers
      The company location also affects the VR development cost. For instance, Indian developers would charge USD 10 to USD 40, while Western European developers would ask for USD 80 to USD 150 per project.


      • Complexity Level of the VR Apps
        Here, time is money. Virtual reality application development requires professional skills. The simplest apps (such as basic games) might take 3 – 5 weeks, while apps for online stores and hardcore games would require months of work. The best way is to eliminate all the expensive features and stick to the most significant ones.


    • Chosen Platforms
      A few of the major VR platforms are – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Gohar VR. Your VR app should be able to perform on any platform that a user prefers.


  • Payment Options
    You can always fix your budget beforehand, which is considered the most affordable option, but it would limit the ideas. Considering a flexing budget plan would help in building a high-quality app.

So, after going through the major development stages – market research, project documentation, prototyping, design, programming, testing, and release, your VR app might cost

  1. For basic VR games – $3,000 – $ 9,000
  2. For online stores replacing physical visits – $10,000 – $30,000
  3. For advanced-level games – $30,000 – $85,000
  4. For 3D Max in VR – $50,000 – $200,000
  5. For MMORPG – It starts from $100,000 and can go even higher!

Now, you know everything about VR development. Are you ready to take risks to improve your customer engagement with a phenomenal VR app? Consider us at your disposal. Our team of developers comes with brilliant skills that can take your business to new heights.

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webllisto | February 3, 2022
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