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Webllisto | May 23, 2022

Webllisto technologies, a reputed NFT gaming development company based in Indore and Lucknow is spreading its expertise in NFT Game Development. The NFT market is rapidly growing with every passing day which is the reason why there is a huge requirement for NFT Marketplaces to trade for the collectables.
Moreover, the popularity of NFT has also infiltrated the gaming sector. This craze for NFTs leads NFT artists to create attractive NFTs to be instilled into online video games for in-game purchases. If you are planning to develop an NFT based gaming platform for your business, Webllisto is right here by your side to guide you head to toe about the process of NFT Game Development.
If you are an NFT game enthusiast, you might have heard of some renowned NFT gaming platforms namely Axie Infinity, Crypto Kitties, Cryptopunks, Gods Unchained, and Sandbox. Yes, these are some of the well-known NFT based gaming platforms. These NFT games are built on Ethereum-like Blockchain platforms to ensure their superior functionality.
Are you excited yet? Webllisto technologies bring you the information on how to develop your first ever NFT based game on a robust Blockchain Platform.
To begin with, Familiarize yourself with the Ethereum Blockchain Platform for NFT Game Development. First of all, you need an Ethereum based Dapp to run your desired game that could be developed on basic technology like JavaScript. Simultaneously, the back-end is structured by Smart Contracts. The Ethereum based Smart Contracts are created using a powerful programming language like Solidity.
After acquiring knowledge about Ethereum, next comes the Cryptographic token creation. The following Ethereum Standards can be used for a cryptographic token generation:

  • ERC-20
  • ERC-721

Next, comes the most awaited part of NFT Game Development, How to proceed with exceptional NFT gaming platform Development?

  • Bring an NFT game consultant team onboard


    A project manager and business analysts are necessary to architect the NFT gaming project. One should hire experienced business analysts to brainstorm the gaming project with exclusive research.


  • Gather requirements


    After research, collect the pieces of the information and conclude the niche of your NFTgaming industry. Select the design parameters, gameplay, in-game items, and NFTs.


  • Hire a team of NFT Game Developers


    A certified team of NFT game developers works magic. Hire experienced UI designers, Ethereum Developers, web developers, and a testing team.


  • Look out for the Ethereum Blockchain Development tools


    Metamask, Ganache, Web3.js, and Truffle are some of the best Ethereum Blockchain tools to consider for exceptional NFT game development.


  • Front-end Development


    The front-end should be structured with relevant JavaScript and its updated libraries.


  • Incorporate Smart Contract Development


    Power up your back-end with the incorporation of the Smart Contract proposed for NFT games.


  • Review and test


    Conduct a Smart Contract audit and review the code for functional analysis. Report the issues if any and fix them thereby finishing the audit.


  • Deploy and Initialize Smart Contracts


    After testing your smart contract functioning, deploy them to the Ethereum Blockchain with Truffle using the deploy command.


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