Webllisto Technologies announces its participation in AsiaTech X Singapore

Webllisto Technologies has shown its existence in the emerging market for tech-diligent customers time and again. Being a leading and reputed IT company, Webllisto flags its presence globally with a diligent team of software developers and consultants. But this time, the reach is entirely global promoting Singapore startups a lending hand.

Asia Tech Singapore, a gateway to tech expansion

Doors are now wide open for the tech enthusiast to learn and invade the vast digital economy with global technological service providing companies under a single carnival. An extravagant tech event is on cards for startups and tech fanatics from 31st May 2022 to 3rd June 2022 held on the greatest island, Singapore.

AsiaTechX – Aspiration

Asia tech is involved in accelerating the digital economy to the advanced tech trends by accumulating international tech expertise under one event. They are associated with the uplifting of important tech advancements, governance and innovative aspects that significantly affect businesses. Moreover, they have the best-in-class Asia technology namely Infocomm and media ecosystems to lead the development and the deployment procedures of the digital world.

Purposeful AsiaTech X Singapore event

The awaited tech event is expected to house Informa Tech under the shining leadership of IMDA and STB. This tech event would be the heart of the tech world to enhance the evolution of the enterprise communities with the latest inclusions. At the event, the startups can communicate with the global tech experts beyond Asia.

Events contained from 31st May to 3rd June 2022

  • ATx Summit by IMDA (Invitation Only)– Tue 31st May
  • ATxAI by IMDA – Wed 1st June
  • ATxEnterprise Headliners – Wed 1st to Thu 2nd June
  • ATxInspire SG Women in Tech by IMDA – Wed 1st June
  • BroadcastAsia – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June
  • CommunicAsia – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June
  • EQL: HER – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June
  • hackSingapore – Fri 3ed June
  • InnovFest x Elevating founder – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June
  • SatelliteAsia & Asia Satellite Business week – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June
  • echXLR8 Asia – Wed 1st to Fri 3rd June


Webllisto Technologies partake in AsiaTech X Singapore

A remarkable step has been put forward by the CEO of Webllisto technologies which is to participate in the upcoming AsiaTechX event that is scheduled to be held on 31st May 2022. Webllisto Technologies is gearing up its tech team to exhibit its presence at the AsiaTech X Singapore event.

About Webllisto Technologies

Webllisto Technologies is a pioneer IT firm headquartered in Indore, MP, India and enjoys its presence in Lucknow, UP, India. They house a young and passionate team of dynamic Blockchain Developers who are certified and experienced in the Blockchain field. The Blockchain Development services rendered by Webllisto include end-to-end Blockchain solutions supported by high-yielding programming language with the utilization of updated libraries. Such a blend of technological tools makes their resultant product unique and highly competitive. They are undoubtedly the masters of Blockchain development solutions.

A sneak peek at their comprehensive list of services:

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Interactive front end design
  • Blockchain supported Backend Development
  • Supervision of entire Dapp stack
  • NFT Application Development
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • DeFi Development
  • DeFi wallet Development
  • Metaverse Development
  • Solana Blockchain Development
  • ICO Development

Moreover, the team of Blockchain developers at Webllisto are proficient in programming languages like Python and React to ensure flawless functioning Blockchain-based applications. Along with efficient Blockchain development, their support and maintenance services are worthy of admiration.

If you are planning to set a raw idea to action, now is the time to connect with Webllisto Technologies at the AsiaTech event and visit their stall for detailed communication. To schedule a meeting with us in the event, please ping us on our mail id info@webllisto.com.

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