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A Guidebook To Launching Bitcoin Exchange Software In The UK in 2022



August 30, 2022

Blockchain Technology is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the digital era. The first cryptocurrency that found its existence in 2009 known as Bitcoin started at a slower pace. At an initial stage, Bitcoin was valued at less than a penny, but recently it has recorded a historic record of more than $68,000.

Because of these overwhelming stats, several new cryptocurrencies have been invented namely Ethereum and Tether making all three the top sensation in the crypto world. The fact that Software development companies in Indore are shifting to the Blockchain arena is attributed to the pounding rise in cryptocurrency investment. Several Blockchain development companies render exceptional services for business to cement their foot in the field of the cryptocurrency market.

How soaring is the opportunity for Bitcoin Exchange Software Development in the United Kingdom?

Cryptocurrency has numerous fanatics in the United Kingdom which is evident from its whopping market stats. A shocking aspect of the cryptocurrency market in 2021 is that there is almost a fifth of crypto asset owners in the United Kingdom. If you are searching for the spectrum of Bitcoin exchange software development in the UK, read this blog till the end and get inspired to begin with your Bitcoin exchange software project.

Now is the time to review the top 10 facts that are pledging success for the Bitcoin Exchange Software development!

  • Despite the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market, the Bitcoin market share in 2021 is nearly 60%.
  • The UK holds approximately more than 230 cryptocurrency ATMs and London merely has 100 ATMs spread over its geographic area.
  • More than 9.8 million British owns cryptocurrencies dated to February 2021.
  • 5% of the population in the UK currently possesses crypto assets, and the average age of the cryptocurrency owner is over 35 years of age
  • Most Britons are influenced by the impeccable growth of the cryptocurrency
  • Quite recently almost 500 businesses in the UK have accepted cryptocurrency as the prime mode of payment.
  • The most popular cryptocurrency exchange software in the UK in 2020: Coinbase.
  • 50% of the UK’s popularity believes firmly in the IT sector and expects steady growth in the next decade.
  • Estimation points to the fact that 78% of adults are aware of Cryptocurrencies
  • Lastly, among the total population, 17.1% of the females are cryptocurrency owners.


What is the procedure to follow for Bitcoin Exchange Software development in the UK?

Every country abides by its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to cryptocurrency investment. So, what is the difference between developing cryptocurrency exchange software among several countries? Let us analyze the procedure to develop Bitcoin Exchange software in the UK.

  • How do you fetch a cryptocurrency Exchange license in the UK?
    Because cryptocurrencies have been a sensational investment option among the youth, governments of every country have come up with a novice set of rules and regulations to impart a legal status.

      • The first and foremost step is to comprehend the taxation rule for a new cryptocurrency exchange platform. For this, one must have a legalized office and be a regular taxpayer as per the Income tax regulations.


      • Every online payment option must abide by the KYC and other local laws. For Bitcoin Exchange Development in the UK, the British government requires Terrorism financing prevention, Know Your Customer (KYC), and anti-money laundering legislation (AML) registrations.


    • And lastly, we must keep a record of the necessary documents, business plans, AMC/KYC registration certificates and laws of the ensuing company must be written with an assigned attorney


  • Begin with the Bitcoin Exchange Software Development
    The working tactics of every Blockchain Development company differ with the geographic location and the expertise they house. For basics, we have two options two begin with the Bitcoin Exchange software, first, start the development from ground level. And another option stands for the preplanned Bitcoin Exchange software development software like Whitelabel to preserve the developing time and increase efficiency.

      • White label Bitcoin Exchange Software

        Whitelabel Bitcoin Exchange software solutions are an advantageous option to develop robust software and applications. With pre-planned Bitcoin Exchange Software, features like buying, selling, staking, and holding of cryptocurrencies can be effectively attained. Businesses and entrepreneurs can swiftly save on costs and impart quicker development of the applications.


      • Custom Bitcoin Exchange Software

        Numerous Software development companies offer a choice of custom Bitcoin Exchange Software to render unique solutions for Bitcoin Exchange. However, several peculiarities are posed by the customized Bitcoin Software development such as ample development time and investment. Businesses can choose these options if they wish to create an entirely unique Bitcoin Exchange solution.


    • Bitcoin Exchange script

      Another ready-to-use platform analogous to Whitelabel software is cost-efficient and time-saving. The features and functionalities of the renowned Bitcoin Exchange software are structured on the Bitcoin Exchange script.


Final Thoughts!

Despite the former government’s restriction on the cryptocurrency ecosystem, The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a huge leap in the terms of investment. Its rage is so intensified that the traditional investment schemes are now rendered obsolete. Although with the passage of time and legal counselling the government has lifted bars on cryptocurrency trading with valuable laws.

To launch Bitcoin Exchange software in the United Kingdom, one must decide on the budget and input required to target the European crypto market. Hence, a leading Bitcoin Exchange Development company like Webllisto Technologies is your perfect guide to solving legal as well as platform development challenges in the UK. They serve multi-million dollar companies from over the world to successfully develop their Crypto exchange platform in the European market.

Fix an appointment with Webllisto today and gain a detailed insight into the legal considerations of the Bitcoin Exchange Software Development and sort your business requirements under the international experts to let your business capture the British market.

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