Sequential steps to create an NFT game similar to MIR4: NFT game Development

Webllisto | July 15, 2022

With the sensation of Blockchain among the tech giants, the introduction of NFT gaming will be the next big thing in the crypto era. Talking about NFT gaming, the momentum gaining MIR4 game series is touching the sky with the DRACO token.
We have known numerous NFT games that have created a huge impact on gamers like Axie Infinity. But recently, MIR4 is the name behind the evolving sensation. These days NFT gaming has changed its focus toward play-to-earn NFT games, and Multiple Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) also known as MIR4 game is the new addition to the list.
As we review the success of the MIR4 games, many businesses are opting for NFT game development to boost the NFT gaming sector. Several other NFT games are based on concepts such as Pokemon Go which lures gamers with exciting P2E gameplay.

What is MIR4?

An NFT gaming platform that offers free gameplay and allows players to earn real money with “Darksteel”- An in-game cryptocurrency. Apart from this utilization of unique cryptocurrency, they have developed the first commercial coin for NFT gaming named, DRACO which can be traded against actual money. The rate of this coin depends on the Daily Exchange Rate by Yield (DERBY).
Players can now purchase gaming skills, characters, skin, weapons and other exciting rewards to boost the MIR4 gameplay. Another perk players can extract is that they can participate in MMORPG and play with clans for exciting opportunities. Launched in August 2021, MIR4 is a newbie that promises many advancements over time.

Gameplay- MIR4

MIR4 is known for extravagant graphics and mechanics where players can slay monsters, hunt, gather, craft, and join clans. Moreover, you can choose a warrior, select a sorcerer, a Taoist, a lancer, and an arbalist. One can also earn while mining Darksteel after accomplishing level 40.

How do you create an NFT game?

The first and foremost part is to create the core structure of the NFT game development. Here we plan and discuss the basics of the game by creating a rough blueprint of our initial requirements. Let us refer to the step-by-step procedure:

  • Select the gaming model for NFT game Development
    To begin with, once should decide on the gaming module you wish to introduce. You can opt from play-to-earn and free-to-play. MIR4 falls in the category of P2E NFT gaming.

  • Design the NFT game
    Next comes a selection of genres that includes adventure games, sports games, action games and much more. Based on the genre, the design of the NFT game is selected and the development is further planned.

  • Let us select the NFT gaming platform
    Before commencing the coding, you can opt for the operating system to be selected for your NFT game. The advantage of mobile applications is that they can be native apps or cross-platform applications.

  • Decide on the appropriate NFT game development technology
    GitHub is one such source for your NFT game-based templates. Another well-known dapp development tool is Truffle Suite. Truffle Suite further consists of Truffle, Ganache, and Drizzle as their supporters.

  • Create the Front end and backend of the NFT game
    Now we proceed to the creation of NFT game Development, the front is what the client sees. The front end can be created in JavaScript. Whereas, the backend refers to the actual game programming created with node.js.

  • Time for NFT wallet development
    To trade for the in-game assets, a crypto wallet is an absolute necessity. Thereafter, we begin with crypto wallet development that stores an entire range of cryptocurrencies for ease of trading internationally.

  • Let us develop a smart contract
    To instil life in the NFT gaming, we now start with smart contract development for automated gaming protocols and algorithms. Smart contracts further introduce the properties of transparency, immutability, and distribution.

  • Test and Deploy
    Run your NFT game through a series of testing modules like Rinkeby. You can conduct NFT game testing on functional, security, UI, Integrated and API level. Once the game has cleared all the steps, you are all set to introduce your masterpiece to the market.



The raging NFT gaming is a sure shot of success in the future. Many gaming businesses are propelling their investments toward next-gen gaming like MIR4. With this said, there are several NFT game development companies that are keen on rendering exceptional NFT game development services. One such leading NFT game development company is Webllisto technologies, which has established itself as the pioneer of the Blockchain development industry with immense experience.
Our team of NFT game developers is truly proficient in catering to diverse NFT gaming solutions along with NFT gaming consultancy for novice gaming businessmen. Reach out to us for the comprehensive NFT game development services under the Blockchain bubble for a powerpack and advanced NFT game Development similar to MIR4

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