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How to create your own Blockchain from scratch? A step-by-step guide



May 18, 2022

Some of the tech words we encounter like cryptocurrencies, NFT, NFT Marketplace, and DeFi solutions are all born under the king of technologies termed “Blockchain technology”. Blockchain is undoubtedly the future of the digital era. Many industries have geared their presence in Blockchain technology with innovation as their prime vision.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving Blockchain world could be a tedious task as every day some of the technical libraries are updated in the Blockchain ecosystem. It is when Blockchain Development companies like Webllisto technologies are helpful to break the building unawareness of the Blockchain World. If you are new to Blockchain and wish to cement your foot in the market with Blockchain technology, this article is composed for you

Blockchain Technology- Explained

Let us begin with decoding the term Blockchain. The word Block means a collection of data and the term chain refers to data stored in sequence. The entire Blockchain technology functions on a distributed ledger system that maintains the record of the transaction every time a new transaction is added. This sequential record of transactions continues to create a chain of records.

Moreover, the repeated data entered in a sequential manner is immutable i.e it cannot be modified nor reversed.

Industries adopting Blockchain technology: Statistical analysis

The onset of the bandwagon of Blockchain technology has unleashed newer opportunities for the e-commerce sector. Many industrialists have shown keen interest in representing their business with the powerful Blockchain technology.

Interesting facts:

According to a quantitative global survey by iMi Blockchain research, the Blockchain technology is utilized by the following industries:

  • Fintech 22%
  • Financial Sector 17%
  • Government 13%
  • Energy sector 12%
  • Retail 6%
  • Manufacturing industry 8%
  • Education sector 8%
  • Media industry 5%
  • Healthcare 3%
  • Others 1%


Why are industries shifting the paradigm to Blockchain technology?


With an abundance of choices, counting on an Exceptional NFT Development Company is easier said than done. This piece of information will aid you in selecting the NFT Development Company that meets our requirements.


    • Enhanced security


      People are often concerned about security breaches when it comes to online transactions. But thanks to Blockchain technology, we can resolve the fraud that has been hovering in the digital world for a long time. The data on the Blockchain network is highly secured with blocks being encrypted with private keys to ensure protection from fraudsters.


    • Crystal clear transparency


      You might be wondering, how can data on the Blockchain network be transparent as well as secured? Well, that is the beauty of Blockchain technology imparting balance between transparency and security. The base of Blockchain is recorded by the unique identification of the users that are verified and authenticated.


    • Prompt traceability


      The data stored on Blockchain technology could be traced back to its origin. Each and every transaction on Blockchain technology is recorded with verified user details to help maintain a record of the users at a stretch. This feature is mainly useful for the logistic and supply chain industry.


    • Superior efficiency


      The lightning speed of the transactions is the key feature of trading on Blockchain platforms. Moreover, the speed is enhanced by the elimination of third-party intervention that aids in improving the efficiency of the transactions with optimized results.


  • Automated technology


    The exceptional Blockchain technology includes the incorporation of smart contracts for automating the transaction process. Smart contracts are self-executing digitized agreements that are best suited to trigger transactions with flash speed.


Series of requirements to create your own Blockchain

Proper planning leads to excellent execution. So, what do you require to create your own Blockchain? We at Webllisto believe in addressing the private Blockchain creation with four “P” concepts!

  • Plan the requirements
  • Practical implementation
  • Proficiency of tools utilized
  • Prepare the budget well in advance


How to build your own Blockchain from scratch?


If you are a novice to the world of Blockchain technology and you need guidance to develop a Blockchain system from zero, our team of Blockchain experts are right at your service. For your reference, kindly refer to the steps you need to consider to begin with Blockchain development:


    • Step 1: A proficient team of Blockchain Development


      Think before you proceed with Blockchain Development! Consult our Blockchain experts to selectively understand Blockchain technology.


    • Step 2: strategize


      The next step is to plan and acknowledge the laws and advice on a clear and effective strategy to achieve the desired outcome. Our Blockchain’s expertise is at par excellence for keeping updated on the trending technology.


    • Step 3: Road map to Blockchain Project


      Now it’s time to structure a successful Blockchain-based business plan. After analyzing the market in detail and comprehending your competitors, your finances are ready to set their course.


    • Step 4: Stratify your business needs


      Every business is unique and the goal standards set for every enterprise point to a form of growth that is different from that of others. So stratifying your business should be the first priority.


    • Step 5: Decide consensus mechanisms


      As Blockchain technology has advanced, several consensus mechanisms play a part to empower businesses. One such element used is named proof of work but is now replaced by proof of stake, Byzantine fault, proof of Elapsed time, Federated consensus, Round-Robin and Delegated Proof of Stake.


    • Step 6: Choose Blockchain Development Platform


      As Blockchain technology has advanced, several consensus mechanisms play a part to empower businesses. One such element used is named proof of work but is now replaced by proof of stake, Byzantine fault, proof of Elapsed time, Federated consensus, Round-Robin and Delegated Proof of Stake.



    • Step 7: Design nodes


      Next comes decision-based node designing. Here you decide if you want your Blockchain to be permission or permissionless, Private, public or hybrid, cloud supported, on-premise or hybrid. Based on these decisions, you shall decide on the processor, memory and application size.


    • Step 8: Blockchain Configuration


      Factors such as permissions, asset insurance, asset issuance re-issuance, exchanges, multiple signatures, and key formats are a must-have for Blockchain configuration.


    • Step 9: Design UI/UX


      After the backend structuring is complete, we proceed to the design part and choose from HTML5, CSS, PHP, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Golang, Solidity, Angular Js, and Node Js.


    • Step 10: Consider advanced techs


      Technological tools such as Artificial intelligence, data analytics, the Internet of Things, and Machine learning.


    • Step 11: Launch your dream Blockchain project


      The final step of your lifetime project is here. Plan a launch prior to testing the bugs and ensure an error-free Blockchain application.


    • Step 12: Reach the users through marketing


      After a successful launch, you should consider promoting your project through exceptional marketing tactics offered by our team of digital marketing experts.


    Webllisto technology: Blockchain expertise

    Webllisto Technologies is a leading Blockchain Development Company headquartered in Indore and with an office in Lucknow. We believe in technological innovation and our zeal to uplift the enterprise with a Blockchain system is praiseworthy. Our team of diligent Blockchain Developers are qualified and trained with updated Blockchain technology. Our Blockchain development services are mission-driven to help startups and enterprises achieve their dream results. Consult us to know our range of Blockchain Development services today!

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