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Why are play-to-earn NFT games the sensation of the future?



September 5, 2022

Adding to the waves of evolution, we have play-to-earn NFT games that come with an opportunity to earn loads while in a fun interactive gaming session. In the past playing games was ridiculed and out of the scope of income but with the introduction of play-to-earn modules, people have a different stance. The NFT game development industry has sprouted with the birth of P2E luring gamers from over the world.

Because of its high prevalence, numerous NFT game development companies are stepping up their game to innovate the Play-to-earn NFT gaming module. Talking about the Indian gaming market, men and women have equally stood up to partake in play-to-earn gaming with 38% of men and 29% of females involved. Another fascinating fact that might propel the NFT gaming industry is that P2E NFT games are estimated to spurt by 1.3 times in the year 2022.

Play-to-Earn NFT games: Brief overview ?

Everyone is familiar with NFT gaming but a version of play-to-earn NFT gaming is the latest sensation. Because of its intriguing gameplay, people are taking this novel concept to convert their passion into an active source of income. Who does not relish generating income while playing their favourite game online? Let us begin with the journey of P2E NFT gaming.

The play-to-earn gaming is designed for the players to earn a relatively decent sum meanwhile engaging in exciting game graphics. Briefly, these are the older versions of the video games but with a fortified touch of earning a handsome amount. Now you might who would pay to play? Well, the best is yet to come. Several online video games are structured on a Blockchain network, which implies NFTs in the gameplay. These NFTs are immutable and carry value in the international market. To set up an NFT-based game The NFT artists create NFTs with exclusiveness for the gameplay. Subsequently, the NFT tokens are utilized for in-game trading with real money in real time.

Another interesting fact about NFT gaming is that it is available for the global cryptocurrency market. Such a structure enables a robust socializing platform for players over the world. Usually, the in-game assets are cryptocurrency-owned tokens such as plots, gaming characters, rewards, player skin and much more. The appeal of P2E NFT gaming is to claim exclusive ownership of the in-game asset. For a person considering developing a career in the gaming business, the P2E NFT games are the once-in-blue moon opportunity for a lucrative business.

Reasons behind the thriving prevalence of NFT gaming

It was not until recently that the NFT industry is booming its presence worldwide. Apparently, in the year 2021, the NFT bandwagon was adopted by renowned marketing agencies and celebs which further propelled its popularity. However, as the name suggests, play-to-earn NFT games are the greatest spice of generating income for enthusiastic gamers.

Secondly, the in-game assets purchased in the NFT gaming platform are unique and valuable crypto assets that could fetch more money for investors. Also, the variety of character skin and rewards attracts a fan base of all age groups.

Lastly, these digital tokens are immutable and secured NFTs empowering the Play-to-earn gaming for a personalized experience.

Let us scan some of the versatile examples of P2E games

To get a closer insight into the play-to-earn NFT games, let us review some of the pragmatic examples:

    • Axie Infinity
      Structured on the Ethereum Blockchain network, Axie Infinity is a top-rated P2E game that is the heart of gamers. The Axie ecosystem is scaffolded on the base of AXS – Axie tokens- that could be owned in the in-game marketplace.


    • Star Atlas
      Start Atlas is a multiplayer Metaverse NFT game built on the unreal Engine 5 Solana Blockchain network. This Blockchain game focuses on territory conquest, space and political excavation. ATLAS and POLIS are the two utility tokens that govern the Star Atlas marketplace.


    • My DeFi Pet
      Another interesting P2E NFT game that encourages decentralized finance. DeFi pet allows gamers to breed, play and earn DeFi items known as DPETs that are exclusively available in the My DeFi Pet game.


    • Blankos Block Party
      Blankos is another fascinating multiplayer game that enables vinyl toys in virtual space. Blankos offers unique models and features such as special editions and in-game accessories.


  • Zed Run
    A racing game genre built on Ethereum. For horse racing lovers, the Zed Run is the most popular P2E game that possesses a robust cryptocurrency investor community. Similar to horse race betting, this game is played with digital assets with advanced racing features. All the transactions are carried out in the ETH.


P2E gaming concept and beyond

Because of the scaling up of the NFTs in the year 2021, the and the NFT game development companies are shaping their skills like never before. But what are the prospects of the Play-to-earn NFT game?

These NFT games are the centre of attraction for beginners and gamers who have yet refrained from the crypto world. With exceptional experience, the investors are picking up the crypto project and rendering exquisite results. Witnessing huge success, giant gaming companies are restructuring their gaming projects embedded with NFTs. Hence, it will be fascinating to wait for the ingenious minds working on the marvellous Blockchain game projects

Final stance!

Cutting to the chase, the demand for the play-to-earn NFT game is yet in its initial stage with the involvement of the DeFi and Metaverse. For businesses looking out for top-rated NFT game development companies, Webllisto Technologies is the finest choice for P2E gaming aspirants. Webllisto is a leading Blockchain software development company in Indore that renders a raft of Blockchain development services under their supervised NFT guidance.

Services ranging from cryptocurrency consultation to cryptocurrency development, from NFT game development to NFT marketplace development, the Webllisto Technologie are the masters of the Blockchain experts.

To meet your NFT game demands, schedule a call with Webllisto Technologies today and set your exciting gaming project into motion!

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